Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Universe is Listening to Your Every Thought

...Or perhaps more accurately, the universe is responding to your every thought and feeling. For the purposes of this viewpoint, I'm going to say that feelings contain thoughts, which seems more accurate. From our general "state of mind" we derive our thoughts, which are 99 percent of the time creations of others that we pick up as a broadcast and make our own. By then augmenting those thoughts with further emotion, we fall into resonance with these thought broadcasts.

Now that this has been established, I would also add the concept that all we perceive from all of our senses is one big moving form. It is listening to your broadcast, and changing its shape and more subtle characteristics. In this sense, we cannot be alone, because "the other"--that which is responding to us--is always present.

From where I stand, awareness of one's feelings and subsequent thoughts that we assign authorship to, is the Number One most important factor in having a fulfilling experience of one's life.

The complicating factor is our separate-self awareness (call it "ego"). We have been trained to believe that we are separate from not only other people, but from the physical world "out there" that has also been drummed into us as "reality".

To make it even more interesting, we've included a "sub-consciousness" that automatically responds to "external" stimuli with behaviors and perceptions adopted during stressful or traumatic experiences. It also is where the repetitive commands are stored and activated--those statements about ourselves (99% of which are not ours) that are mostly negative.

THEN, there's the "Higher Self" or "Soul" factor. This is the over-arching, general point of awareness outside the specific timeline of our life. Often, what this Self needs and wants is at odds with our "temporal" self down here in the streets where the boots hit the ground. As our temporal self, we say, "This is not supposed to be happening to me" when something we've decided is "bad" or "unwanted" or unpleasant happens "to us". Repeated often enough, and the Higher Self just doubles down, reflecting back more and more of that thing that isn't supposed to be happening.

This repetitive mantra of "This shouldn't be happening" gets lodged in the subconscious and plays over and over there, giving the Universe all the commands it needs to deliver yet more unwanted circumstances.

As spiritual catalyst, Teal Swan, has said, "What's happening is supposed to happane. How do you know? Because it's happening." The sum total of your feelings are reflecting back to you in 3-D ultra-high definition, and as you then react to this 3D broadcast with "This shouldn't be happening"--it's resistance, adding further energy to the unwanted circumstances. It's pretty much a trap--a cosmic Catch 22--designed to show you the mechanism.

There is a "way out" of repeating unwanted conditions, and further, a way to speed up, or actualize your desires. I'll put this into three steps:

1. Get onboard with experiencing the "unwanted" or resisted circumstances, feelings, or thoughts. Allow them to move through you in the certainty that you are "running out" these negativities--processing them through time.

2. Replace all feelings and concurrent thoughts of "this is never going to change", or "Not this AGAIN", with the joy and ease you'll feel when all these negativities leave your life experience. More accurately, by accessing these feelings, you are already experiencing the resolution to the unwanted condition--so it's not actually in the future.

3. Use the repetition tool to re-program the subconscious. Make it a point to consistently feel the joy and completion, the wonder and amazement and thrill of a desire realized. Do whatever it takes to get to this space of joy and fulfillment, regardless of outward appearances. You are literally dissolving these unwanted conditions by repeating feelings of joy and ease.

The Universe is ALWAYS listening. What are you always telling it?

Sunday, January 28, 2018

We Are All Masters

I was moved to put in my two cents on somebody's Facebook post. She said, "Should I end a relationship because I have spiritual aspirations and my partner doesn't?" I've seen this sort of post several times lately, and it brought to mind something my shaman teacher was trying to pound into my furry head years ago: "If you are incarnated here on this planet, then you are already a master."

I tossed that back and forth in my feeble brain for years until one day I realized that I was being taught by a seven-year old, and shortly after, someone I had classified as a "jock" and completely non-spiritual.

The crux of this matter is that however a person shows up to us, they are a reflection of our own judgements and conclusions--our own separation anxieties, fixed ideas and values. We tend to overlook the fact that they are having a similar experience down here on the streets as I am, and even if they haven't been paying attention to the same things I have, doesn't mean they don't have something to teach me.

Cosmic Towncrier, Bashar, talks about people being "ashamed" or feeling downtrodden because they incarnated into this life, as though it was some sort of sentence or reason to be discouraged. He says, "This is FAAAAR, FAAAR, FAAAR from the truth. The truth is, everyone here on this planet is very advanced spiritually. Otherwise, they wouldn't have attempted this challenge."

Science is now coming to some understandings about how the brain and mind work together, and the complexity and multi-dimensionality of it boggles the mind. Research has revealed brain geometries that can only be mathematically expressed in 10 or more dimensions. And, that the mind interfaces with the brain from another non-3D dimension.

All this multi-dimensional positioning can certainly create an existential crisis, even in the most stable of us. Overlay cultural programming, social mores, and family values and it's a wonder that we all aren't wide-eyed, babbling, slobering, idiots (although I do feel like that sometimes)...

Back to the original concern about a partner "being spiritual" or not--it's really the wrong question. It is more accurate to ask, "Is this person generative? Do we contribute and expand each other? Now, what that looks like may or may not be "spiritual" in the mundune sense. Yet keep in mind that appearances are moot when it comes to spiritual development, and that development can be stimulated by anything--a handicapped person, a prom queen, a dog, a bird, a flower, a rock, a sunset. It's what we mirror to ourselves that creates the experience of spiritual expansion.

The key is to be mindful of what we are mirroring and projecting. Let it show us unconscious patterns and un-developed perceptions. In this way, our time on Planet Rock here can reap some true rewards, only attainable by us earthly masters.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Getting Onboard with Difficulties

If you've lived any time at all as a modern adult, and if you take a moment to reflect on the successes and difficulties you've encountered, I'm pretty sure you'd have to admit that there are some pretty active self-defeating habits we have developed. It's really not our fault. We have been taught by example for generations. But there is one "bad habit" that, to me, stands out from all the rest: Not seeing difficulties and setbacks as opportunities.

There are very good reasons why difficulties are, well, so difficult. First, they hurt. The pain is either emotional, or sometimes literally physical. Second, they usually seem to be coming at us from outside our experience or expectations--they seem to happen "to us"--out of our control.

Third, and perhaps the most appalling, is that some of these difficulties are "on repeat", as though some subsonscious program is calling the shots completely outside of our awareness or control. And this is true, for the most part, but it's not the whole story.

When a pattern of problems or difficulties happen "to us" repeatedly, the first thing we do is start taking it personally--as a sort of personal attack on us by life. We know this isn't really true, but it sure seems like it is!

Teal Swan addresses this quite eloquently in her video, "F*ck The Law of Attraction." (see YouTube) In it, she points out that when unwanted things happen to us, it makes us a magnetic match to more unpleasantness. The apparent purpose of this setup is for us to recognize the unwanted pattern and then to change it. The problem is that there are two points of magnetic attraction: one is your temporal or physical self, and the other is your higher or non-physical, spiritual self--both of which are subject to this "Law of Attraction".

For example, you are dealing with recurring financial problems. In this LOA universe, the higher self sees learninig about poverty as a way to discover the way to financial freedom and abundance. Meanwhile, the temporal self is vibrating in poverty, pulling even more poverty in, making it harder and harder to see the light at the end of the financial tunnel.

The way through this seeming "Catch-22" of experiencing poverty and having the universe reflect it back to you with even more poverty, is to start "getting onboard" with the poverty experience. This does NOT mean to try to experience more poverty--your higher self is already doing that! The idea here is to reframe your poverty experience down here on the ground as an opportunity to express gratitude for the progress you are making toward financial resolution and freedom. With each experience of poverty, the universe is waiting for you to match that frequency by resisting it. When you do not match the frequency by expressing gratitude for it, there's no point to continuing the poverty exercise. There is no engagement or entanglement with the poverty frequency, so it is neutralized.

Now, by allowing these poverty experiences, and by not reacting with negativity to them, the universe comes to understand that you no longer need or require these experiences. You are free to be financially free.

By acknowledging this particular mechanical property of life, when unwanted circumstances occur, there is very good reason for expressing gratitude. These events are leading to the highest, most generative life you truly desire. By expressing gratitude in this way, Life starts reflecting that gratitude back to you with your higher desires.

Beyond gratitude, you can also call on the spiritual light we all have access to. Call it in to engulf whatever repeating unwanted circumstance you are experiencing. This adds to the neutralizing effect, and makes it easier to experience gratitude. Mindfulness is a pre-requisite for this type of practice, so observe your thoughts and feelings when these unwanted experiences are occurring, so you can then remember to feel gratitude and send in the light as your sword.

By getting "onboard" with your difficulties is the most direct way to resolve them.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Patience as a Spiritual Practice

Time is a weirdly funny thing when it comes to us humans. It can drag, it can fly by, it can "take forever" or "happen in an instant". Because of this, time is the first thing we usually associate with being an illusion--once we accept this physical realm as an illusion, anyway.

In my current live-in caregiving gig for 93-year-old Hilbert, I've become more sensitive to time awareness. Hilbert spends his days mostly chair-bound, rarely able to leave his apartment without a lot of help to go to the doctor's office. He has a quip he likes to make: "Another day another 15 cents," as he grins. He ruminates freely about how the "pace of life" has changed so much, and how people have seemed to become so self-absorbed and un-interested in their own activities.

I argue that the stressors of life have rendered so many of us wrapped up in economic concerns and the relational backwash of it, that we are unable to pull our heads out of you know where. It seems the faster technology pushes us to go, the less amount of attention we all have to live full, expansive lives, unencumbered by the worries of modern life.

On a quantum level, of course, time becomes just another dimension--such as width, length and height. In fact, time can run backwards, or suddenly turn into a future that affects a current state. These are considered common quantum quirks. These effects are happening to our human experience, too, but we have that handy tool--the mind--to keep everything in a linear flow, when in Reality, there is no such thing.

Yet, as a major part of the human experience, the forward flow of time is a basic reality, without which there could be no commerce, no language, or perception of manifestation through personal efforts or power. In other words, time affords us a sort of linear playground upon which to express ourselves and to actualize the experiences we desire. This is where the practice of patience comes in.

As some wise person said, "Time exists so that everything doesn't happen at once." True enough, yet if we take into account imagination, it's not quite so true. We have desires that first instantly appear in our imaginations, which then begin their descent into our physical experiences. The "imaginary" fulfillment of a desire is the instantaneous existence of the desire as a certain vibration, or vibratory rate. If we can "hold" that manifestation in our imaginations long enough, the vibratory rate of it will begin to match a vibratory rate of the desire manifested. The crux of the matter is time, of course.

Most of us surround our desires with wall after wall of judgements and conclusions that all but insure the desire remains only in the imaginary realm. By opening ourself up to the possibility of our desire actually appearing in the physical world, then the primary mental and spiritual practice becomes Patience.

We wait. We maintain. We watch. During this sensitive "coalescence" period, we remain committed and pure of intent with our birthing desire. This allows all sorts of blockages to arise to be cleared. Everything from the "how many more miles, Daddy?" to "This is taking forever", to "What if it NEVER happens?" Yes, what if? Good question. The answer is that this is a moot question, because doing the spiritual work of actualizing a desire, that question cannot be entertained, since by asking it, more and more time is injected into the actualization of the desire. Since we are immortal spiritual beings, we actually have "forever", so again, the question is moot.

Treat the practice of patience as the "secret sauce" to the manifestation of your desires, and watch the magic happen!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We Create Our Grace

Last issue I was exploring how the Law of Attraction has a booby trap, as it tends to reflect back to you what it is you are experiencing in the present moment. So, if you are in pain, the Law of Attraction, gives you more pain as you are a vibratory match to pain.

The key phrase here is "vibratory match". So, the way to "break the law", is to consciously change your vibratory rate to match, say, compassion, or caring, or joy, or relief.

I've had the priviledge lately of being an in-home caregiver for a sweet 93-year old man. He is mostly chair-bound, and his most strenuous activities are walking to the bathroom, doing his personal hygeine and then hobbling back to his chair. This activity is painful to him, and now and then he is in a great deal of pain--enough to cause him to cry out.

I believe that because I have been dealing with some physical pain, I ended up being a vibratory match for this in-home care gig, but there was a whole other factor at play here. Mainly, that the "job" of caregiving is an act of compassion for me, and has pulled me out of engaging so much in my own pain.

In caring for this man, I found myself experiencing moments of joy and relief. And by observing this joy and relief, I could expand those feelings, and bring a higher level of peace and joy into my life.

The key take away here is that we all have the ability to CHANGE the way we feel, regardless of the outside causes of negative feelings. Even while in high levels of pain, I've been able to find a niche of feeling relief, and then focus on that. Lo and behold, pain levels diminish, and it makes it even more possible to feel relief, joy, compassion and ease.

In this way, the negative feelings and emotions we have, directly point to the other side of those feelings--the positive ones--that we have only to use our innate ability to access and experience. We tend to want to "suffer" using such justifications as "Why me?", or "This shouldn't be happening", when, in fact, we are ignorantly ignoring the fact that we have the ability to change our feelings, regardless of exterior causes.

By allowing ourselves to be with the negative feelings, it creates the space to originate feelings on the other positive end of the spectrum. I believe this is what is meant by "grace" and it is one of the greatest gifts of the human experience.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Help a homeless man with a dream, and make money yourself.

After 18 years of successfully managing and marketing an online health products company (, I ran into a wall. All of my marketing efforts that had served me well in the past started to fail. We think it may be due to Google algorithm changes favoring big advertisers, or perhaps a sea change in online buying patterns. Whatever it is, by October of 2016, I found myself unable to pay rent, and fled to my brother's abode in Western New Mexico to continue to work on debugging what was happening with my business.

Months dragged on without a viable solution, and what was originally a two-week stay turned into five months. This was creating a hardship on my brother and his wife, as I just wasn't able to contribute my share to the household. I decided to leave, throwing my fate to the winds. I ended up back in San Diego with a couple of hundred bucks to my name, and all my possessions (except for a suitcase and backpack) sold or given away.

As good fortune would have it, I landed a couple of housesitting gigs and a short-term work for rent trade situation, which brings me to the present day (mid-Oct. 2017). My current housesitting gig is ending in two weeks without options for the next place to land.

Since I have been basically "floating" without a net, I decided I might as well spend my free time creating my dream. It's a dream I've had for decades, but as with most dreams we have, we seem to put them off, not believing them possible, relegating them to the dustbin of unattainable fantasies.

I realized that I literally had nothing to lose, and started an Indiegogo campaign to fund a Class C RV that would serve both as a home and the mobile studios for my dream--The Mystic Broadcast Network: a production company creating interviews and covering events in the higher consciousness / transformation field.

After 30 days of the 44-day Indiegogo campaign not one person has come forward to contribute to the project, my dream, my new home. In fact, no one even commented or offered any encouragement whatsoever, save a couple. Needlesss to say, I've been heavily processing this so as not to take it personally!

Last week, I discovered a remarkable passive income program called USI-Tech, that does currency trading using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)-powered algorithms that are programmed to not do trades unless there is approximately a 1% return per day on any given investment. This is possible because with A.I. trading, hundreds of thousands of transactions happen EVERY SECOND, so it's not a stretch for it find trades yielding 1% every day.

Well, do the math. After making sure I had groceries, I jumped in with my last $130 and so far, after 4 days, the algorithm is working as promised, providing the 1% on my spend.

So, I am now asking that anyone at all interested in helping a homeless man with his dream, AND WILLING TO MAKE TRULY PASSIVE INCOME, join me in USI-Tech. It's free to register, and if you decide to make a spend, I get a 10% commission, as will you, too, if anyone you refer does the same.

I've been making this offer for four days now, and have gotten some response, mostly negative about USI-Tech being a pyramid scheme (which it is not, by definition); and others claiming that there is no way they can guarantee 1%. Well, this is not your grandma's trading program!

USI-Tech is founded by two German investment programmers who used these A.I. algorithms to enrich big international banks and billionaires. They decided to migrate the process out to the general public, which is highly subversive, since it has the potential to "claw back" incomes for the middle class, who have basically been victimized by these highly secretive trading programs that pulled money away from the middle class into the upper 1% of financiers on the planet.

I see this as a sort of Robin Hood A.I. here to recover losses we've all experienced living in the middle and lower class income slave matrix.

Please do not be a naysayer... check USI-Tech out, and beware of people dissing it who haven't tried it.

Boyd Martin 971-269-7050

Monday, October 16, 2017

USI-Tech: Power to the Little Guy

I stumbled across USI-Tech when a member of a discussion group I was in said he found something interesting that could change the income disparity game on the planet.

My ears perked up, and I followed the links to a video and to the USI-Tech website. I watched several YouTube vids--some pro, some con--but the difference was that the "con" videos were by people who were questioning and trying to debunk the system USI-Tech uses, and the "pro" people were those who were actually in it, and making money. Can you say, "Looking a gift horse in the mouth?"

Anywho, I registered to be a recipient, and threw $130 into the kitty as a test to see for myself what the system would do. Lo and behold, 3 days in, and I'd already made a little over 1% per day on my spend. Do the math.

USI-Tech sells "packages" of Bitcoin that are entered into an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) matrix, where only trades that will result in around 1% return are executed. This is possible because with AI currency trading, hundreds of thousands of trades occur every SECOND. With that kind of speed and sheer numbers, it's not too hard to conceive that there would always be a way to increase the bid.

Now, and here's where it gets interesting, you can opt in to a "automatic package buy", where when your earnings equal the price of a new package (around $65), the system automatically buys it for you and enters it into the system. Say you started out with 2 packages and your earnings buy you another one. Now you have 3 accumulating 1% per day. This starts compounding, so that with this automatic re-buy, your initial investment of $130 would, over the course of 1 YEAR, earn you over $100,000. And that is doing absolutely nothing--just letting it run, as you go about your life.

Of course, few people I know could resist the fun of buying up more packages, but here is what else can happen: you are paid 10% commission on anyone who you sponsor into the program. So, if your plumbing contractor decided to dump $10,000 into Packages, you'd receive a $1,000 commission, which you could turn around and buy about 8 packages. Now you have 11 of those babies racking up 1% a day.

The thing that I find so delightfully subversive about this is that these A.I. trading programs is what the international banks and billionaires use to create money on currencies. It's the main reason there has been a tremendous sucking of the money supply from the middle class to the upper 1%.

USI-Tech is turning the system around on itself, making it available to the little guy down on the street, who can now see "earnings" and compounding equal to what the Fat Cats have been getting. It levels the playing field and hints at a solution for income inequality.

I believe that if this catches on--if people would just put aside their pre-conceived notions--it could claw back the money essentially "stolen" from the middle class by insiders who use secretive techniques and tools carefully NOT made available to the working man and woman.

In other words, the "Cat's out of the bag" at this point, as USI-Tech has made more millionaires in less than a year than any other financial program, MLM, or other investment scheme PUT TOGETHER. It's going viral, folks. And now is the time to save ourselves from further financial abuse, and regain our god-given right to ease and comfort in our lives.

Check out this video where a happy USI-Tech member shows how fast thousands of dollars can accumulate in your account with just a $65 spend.