Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Shortcut of the Imagination

Within the tenets of epigenetics there is the theory that the cells of our body have structures on them that act like broadcast receivers, existing to "pick up" a specific quantum broadcast of consciousness--YOU. This broadcast of YOU exists everywhere in the universe, so that when the cells and DNA of your body tuned into it, you took on that body as an expression of your broadcast.

Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton has been a vocal proponent of the epigenetics theory, and has offered it up as proof that the essence of us--our soul--is immortal, and that at the moment of death, it is a matter of simply not being received by the body anymore, yet the broadcast continues as us.

When you combine this theory with the theory of Universal Biocentrism--where it is postulated that the universe exists because of life, then you have the scientific equivalent of metaphysical spirituality. And I say, well, about time! These theories allow for a scientific basis for perennial spiritual teachings, such as reincarnation and the immutability of the soul, and offers great hope for humanity.

Lipton has also said that simply knowing these theories doesn't necessarily mean your life gets any better. He notes that although the cells of the body do pick up the broadcast of YOU, there's a whole lot more to the story that just that momentary union.

The conundrum of physical existence is that as a soul, we've been around literally forever, and the body game is just that: a game--one in which we find ourselves not only surrounded by the space-time reality of our perceptions as interpreted by a human body's brain and energy fields, but also existing outside that local space-time continuum as an infinite, non-local presence.

This awkward combination can cause a sort of schizoid situation where we are directly perceiving being swept along in a vortex of experiences while at the same time we are watching it from the outside. It seems at times like what we intend for our lives is the exact opposite of what we end up experiencing. Well, this predictament is now addressable in light of these new theories of consciousness.

It is possible to perceive that what we intend to experience as a soul--or outside observer--in some ways imprints a reverse image on the movie screen of our temporal life, thus creating the "game" of creating the desired experience from the undesired situation. We experience poverty because the game is achieving wealth. We experience disease, sickness and pain in order to achieve the opposite.

It's a dualistic world in this way, and by acknowledging and allowing for this, there is a gigantic reason for hope, and and an even greater reason to play the game--because the ultimate objective is the Utopian visions we all have of what our lives could be--the positive print of the negative image we may be experiencing. In other words, what we truly, deeply desire for our lives is inevitable.

I'm humorously reminded of the Seinfeld TV Series episode where the characters all experienced the "Opposite World", where success is achieved by "doing the opposite" of what seems logical or reasonable. And in a very real sense, this is a workable strategy in realizing our greatest desires and highest intentions: Reach beyond the automatic, habitual way of seeing the world--do what's NOT expected, what's irrational, or impractical--as doing that is closer to the way of achieving the freedom we strive for.

Our ego has a powerful weapon: the mind--conscious and sub-conscious, and the combination of ego and mind sets up a powerful adversary in the playing of the incarnation game. The automatic tendency is to react and take personally our experiences of what is not wanted. We often end up just putting our heads down with our noses on the grindstone of what has "worked" in the past, when that is just the old long way around, and most of us take up an entire lifetime never getting to what it was we originally intended for our experience.

The "hack" or shortcut is right there as part of the original equipment we all came in with: the imagination. The imagination IS the creative force that determines all of our experience. By directing the imagination to create the feelings of what we desire in the body, then with repetition, the body's cells begin resonating with those feelings and create an attractive force that organizes the quantum field around our experience, bringing us precisely what we desired. This is a mechanical property of physical existence--not wishful thinking or woo-woo speculation.

Where we get tripped up is when we interpret subsequent experiences that don't fit our desires as "evidence" that our desires are not being fulfilled, or are being blocked or neutralized in some way. This is FAR from the truth, as just the opposite is actually true. After expressing a desire, the quantum field begins to respond, and everything that happens is what is required to happen to bring about the ultimate actualization of our intention. The key is to interpret every "setback", or every apparently non-related event, or outside phenomena as evidence of the unfoldment of our intention, regardless of its initial interpretation and appearance.

So jump onboard with yourself. Feel and live life "as if" it is as you want it to be--enjoy the unfoldment of it--and soon, inevitably, it will come to pass.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Giving Up

In scientific research about the death process, subjects repeatedly report that when they realize it is inevitable they are about to die, they completely give up. Then, a profound peace is felt, leading to a bright light or gateway they are compelled to step into.

This came to mind today, as I struggled with remaining mindfully detached about my physical state: pain, frustration and irritations--all around minutiae that would normally not even come up. It was just "one of those days"... I got myself embroiled in trying everything I could to change my emotional state, but was just feeling like I was drowning in a sea of overwhelming weakness and hopelessness. It seemed the more I tried to "do" something about it, the more extensive it became, until... I gave up.

I just let it all just be what it was, giving up trying to do anything to change the state. Suddenly, I was engulfed in a profound calm, and right away everything seemed to be in its right place, and there was nothing to do--all was moving according to Plan.

As I continued to sit with this energy, I realized I'd been tripped up by my monkey mind once again. Sneaky little sucker. As my state worsened, and as I kept doing things to try to change it, the mind went into a state of alarm, becoming frantic, desperate and depressed. The powerlessness became an existential threat, and so the monkey mind started revving up for fight or flight.

This clearly reveals the Lie of Control. For a long time, I was confused about the basic difference between "control" and "creation". Isn't "creation" controlling? Under the spell of this confusion lies the gaping temptation--after making a choice--to attempt to control all the elements that you think need to be controlled in order to manifest or actualize that desire. This is the ego-mind trap that can too easily lead down a most uncomfortable rabbit hole of pain and suffering--not to mention a ton of work

You intend to have or be something, and at a quantum level, it's happening--instantly. We get tripped up by the passage of time, and our unawareness or unacceptance of this concept, which makes us believe we need to control everything for the desired outcome. By attempting to control the quantum state, it is pretty much guaranteeing you'll be injecting force fields between your original intention and its inevitable outcome.

We are taught in so many ways the master-slave paradigms pf. "You must Work hard for what you want". The trouble is, the more you grasp for what it is you desire, the more the universe responds to you're not having it. As demonstrated in quantum physics experiments, the state of particle-waves changes upon measurement--meaning that what you watch changes. If you intend or choose for something to happen, and then watch every single, little process leading to the actualization of that thing, you'll be watching for a long time--and working your ass off.

What's really needed is that once a choice is intended, give up on trying to control the getting of it. It's already in process and is inevitably on its way to you. It is the disbelief in this feature of consciousness, that blocks or creates barriers to the intention. We're watching the particle-waves coalescing around our choice too much, thus changing the outcome, or inserting more time and events than originally required. We get our attention stuck on the not having, which gets reflected back to us, as time trudges on.

Each of us is a Creator with a capital "C". That's literally ALL we do--consciously and unconsciously. We cannot do or be anything else. Unless, of course, you want to as an ego exercise, give up "making it happen" in the certainty it is already on the way, and then just enjoy the ride, open to responding joyfully to events unfolding in the having of it.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Suspending Belief

Albert Einstein famously asked the question, "Does the moon disappear if you are not looking at it?" And, there is the well-known philosophical condundrum, "If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it still make a sound?" Both of these questions have been definitively answered within the realm of quantum physics, and the answer is a resounding, "NO".

Flying in the face of Einstein's "Objective Realism" and Newton's "Laws", what scientists are coming around to is that what has been counted on to be solid, objective reality, is in fact, anything but. Essentially, the world we live in is not much more than a construct of beliefs. We believe the moon is in the sky because everyone else believes it to be true. The Hubble telescope zooms in on far distant galaxies that we believe are objectively real. The startling truth is that those galaxies are just as ephemeral and illusionary as the sound of that tree falling the forest.

As humans, with our highly specific perceptions observed through very specific wavelengths of light, sound and smell, we comprehend our universe through stacks upon stacks of agreements, judgements, conclusions and beliefs. This is the furry underbelly truth of the world, regardless of how "real" it all seems with all those hard surfaces, very "real" threats to survival, perishible foods and bodies, not to mention the inexhorable passage of what we have agreed to as "time".

As an interesting and vital side note, scientists have also proven that time is an illusion, and that from a cosmic perspective, everything is actually all happening at once. Our human brain (with its 11 dimensional wiring), presents perceptions as a linear march of various "events". The "events" are actually simply arbitrary conglomerations of stuff that have been related together to form various types and flavors of "reality".

So now, have I de-constructed your reality enough? I do so to make my point: We are unwitting, unconscious, creators of the lives we live--all the way from galaxy clusters down to the simplest bacteria. It's all there because we agreed to create it all with all these other points of view we perceive as "others". (In truth, we are all one Creator, doing our things from different points of view).

The task--or trick--is to regain our denied consciousness to such a degree that the world we experience reflects accurately our desires and visions. As biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has pointed out, 97-99 percent of what we are creating is unconscious, emanating from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is what is plugged into and deeply interfaced with the meta-program that is running like an immense digital Star Trek holodeck. This subconscious mind is mostly overlooked as a source of the majority of our creation. In fact, despite the immensity of what it creates, this giant subconscious mind is very simply programmed like any garden variety computer--with on-off switches. This is way different from the conscious mind, which needs to make associations and create relationships among things in order to learn.

The subconscious is programmed by the repetition of "yes" and "no". That's all. We can consciously repeat a desire or preference until it builds up enough of a field in the subconscious, and, boom, it actualizes that desire or preference. We can create change in our body, our attitudes, our relationships, just by repeating with feeling the change we want to see created. All of this takes place in the imagination, and the fuel that feeds the subconscious is feeling. Consciously create the feelings of what it is you want to experience, add some patience over time, and, bang, there you have it.

It's all a matter of suspending our beliefs against all of this, in order to make it real. The cosmic irony is that beliefs created this world we are in--and suspending those beliefs is what opens up the infinite possiblities we all have access to, to create the life we truly desire.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Installing Grace

I awoke the other night, and a small voice kept saying, "Gently now. Very gently now. You are safe. Be gentle to yourself." Immediately, my body relaxed and went into a profound state of peace and gratitude. As I rose to go to the bathroom, I felt subtle energies of peace and compassion helping me to stand, all the while saying, "Be gentle. Be peace. You are safe."

I've had many of these "energy visitations" in the past, but this one has persisted and has seemed to be filtering through all the layers of my being and physicality. My chronic pains of this 65 year old have seemed to fade some, replaced by this steady mantra of a Gentle Campaign.

This has taken me into a new area of self-inquiry. We are all so acculturated with concepts of waging war on what we do not want or like, that to fully embody such an idea as gentle peace, seems like giving up. Yet, just the opposite is true. Once we give up the war, peace and grace can at last come to rest upon us, and we wonder why we were so all-fired forcible about things.

Especially, as a man, we are socialized to "aggressively pursue our objectives". We are taught that the "manly" way is to "attack" a problem and "make a solution happen". The irony is that just as much can be "accomplished" through non-forcible means, with less expenditure of energy and less risk of self-diminishment should we fail.

All this fighting for "success" ends up taking a toll on the body, which is remarkably resilient, yet still subject to the wear and tear of war. All this pushing and forcing puts the body in a constant state of "flight or flight", and results in inflammatory responses, and eventual wasting.

For the last several months, when I ask the body, What do you need? It has consistently responded with, "REST". I did what I could to shift my lifestyle to allow for more sleep, but that wasn't it. The body was actually trying to tell me to be peaceful and gentle with it. Under stressful conditions, such as financial threats (in my case), there is a constant sort of forcing of attention on solution objectives, spending stressful times juggling accounts and forcibly pondering solutions. This sort of operating basis actually hurts the body, keeping it from repair and rejuvenation.

I have come to see that gentle, certain intent trumps high-energy, forcible intent. Both acheive the objective, yet the former does it much more lovingly within the context of a healing space. Gratitude is the over-arching theme, as opposed to the unforgiving battleground of overcoming survival threats.

In David Hawkins' book, Power vs. Force, he points out that there is true power only in grace. And that Grace is a sort of loving, nurturing background energy within which all things come into being. It is only the illusion of individuality and disconnectedness that creates the conditions of fear and separation. By giving up this illusion and embracing this field of Grace, we reconnect not only to our own expression, but with our humanness and our fellow humans.

The I Ching has a hexagram, "The Gentle (Penetrating Wind)". This hexagram refers to the power of wind to reduce mountains to hills, and rocks to dust. "The dark principle, in itself rigid and immovable, is dissolved by the penetrating light principle, to which it subordinates itself in gentleness. In nature, it is the wind that disperses the gathered clouds, leaving the sky clear and serene. In human life it is penetrating clarity of [perception] that thwarts all dark hidden motives. In the life of the community it is the powerful influence of a great personality that uncovers and breaks up those intrigues which shun the light of day." (Richard Wilhelm)

So I've laid down my battle gear in favor of garbs of light. It's much more comfortable, and the body gives thanks.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Dark Art of Suffering

The famous saying, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional", opens the door to one of the deeper rabbit holes of quantum living. When someone waxes philosophical about the "human condition", suffering usually is a big part of the expose.

Why is this? I think it has to do with one of the most insidious traps constantly lying in wait within the human psyche: the word, "should". Shoulds are a direct path to suffering. This is because when something "should" be happening, or should be working, or should be this or that, we are automatically in resistance to a condition. The resistance gets stuck and catches us like quicksand, as we continue the mantra of "This shouldn't be happening". as the suffering begins.

I call suffering a "dark art" because it has been used mercilessly by power-hungry abusers on their victims, and by those who would control others, for millennia. We also do it to ourselves, of course, but we learn it, because suffering is a cultural meme, and really nothing more than that.

There is another layer to the dark art of suffering, and that is what has become known as "spiritual bypassing". Spiritual bypassing refers to the glib judgment or conclusion another makes about another's suffering: "He's got that disease because he created it", or "Her higher self must be teaching her a lesson", or, "She's miserable because she chooses to be." Now this is tricky, because there is an element of truth to these judgements and conclusions, and that's why it's dangerous.

First of all, we are all on our very specific spiritual paths as incarnates on this beautiful blue marble. What another sees when perceiving us is what they want to see, and we become a mirror to their own perceptions. Therefore, what analyses, judgements and conclusions they may have about us, are really about them, not us. Whether or not we are creating pain and suffering in our life is only another's interpretation of what is happening, and cannot be a truth.

The additional problem with spiritual bypassing is that it creates an excuse to abdicate perceptions, empathy, and allowance. It creates a sort of glib acceptance that stunts choices, obscures reality, and blocks allowance of true being.

What's more complicated is that we do spiritual bypassing on ourselves that traps the condition we are resisting and blocks the flow of healing energies. "I'm suffering with this pain because my higher self is teaching me a lesson." Yeah, right--we've just learned that pain and suffering has been dictated from on high because we deserve it in our supreme ignorance. Nope. Not it. If anything, "your" higher self intends only love and joy for your life, and if that's not happening, it then becomes a matter of self-inquiry.

Ultimately, the experience of pain as an unwanted perception sidetracks us into suffering because "this shouldn't be happening", or "This can't be happening." Well, it is happening, and it is a giant door of opportunity that has been flung wide open for the discovery of the unconscious blocks and unmindful choices we've made now manifesting as pain. We can now bring to bear all the spiritual tools and life knowledge in the processing and neutralization of these blocks and their genesis. So what if it hurts, if the pain is directing us to the encasement of love and joy at the core of the blockage.

The most underrated and maligned architecture we have is the imagination. We've assimilated the cultural programming that the imagination is not real, when in fact, is the only true reality we have. Our interpretation of our experience resides in our imagination. All our vision, intentions, awarenesses and choices reside in the imagination. On a quantum level, what we imagine actually has atomic weight--this has been measured in laboratories. We resonate quantum particles into forms and movements in the imagination, and these quantum bits create resonances and entrainments on atoms and molecules and influences the intelligences within them. The experience of "outer" and "inner" is really all one big wholistic vibration that we call "life", and it's continually forming and re-forming based on what's coming out of the imagination.

This takes us back to the old saw, "If you can think it, you can hold it in your hand." In other words, there can be no right or wrong to what you desire to experience--there are no overarching "reasons" you cannot experience love and joy as life--other than the ones you, yourself, command.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

There Are No Setbacks

In a previous issue, I wrote about the observation that evolution is hard-wired into human DNA. Additionally, as spiritual, non-corporeal entities, we have waded into this swampy matrix in order to learn about our powers, test ourselves, and experience this planetary density in all its technicolor ultra-high-definition glory.

After birthing ourselves into a body we then go about the initmate process of acculturation and are instructed in the rules for the "pursuit of happiness", only to discover at some point, for most of us, the undoing of that socialization seems to be the only way to pursue that elusive happiness.

At some point, we look back on our journey and inevitably wonder what it has all really been about. We question the value and validity of our experiences, and long for a place--or at least a headset--where there is ease, joy and the glory of being. It's almost as if that "place" is just not possible within this seemingly diametrically opposed world.

These concepts of "the pursuit of happiness" and that "joyful place" are precisely what are hard-wired into the DNA, and the resistances built in to the cultural matrix are the barriers we have agreed to make our own, in order to overcome them to get to our personal utopia.

What we come to realize is that every "problem", every difficulty, all the suffering and pain, is priming us for the pilgrimage to that glorius kingdom. Traps are everywhere and mercilessly convincing, adding more difficulty to the process. Religions capitalize on this DNA-born urge to "make it" to that higher life, imposing fake "laws" and "trangresions" so that we can only expect to arrive in the kingdom after dropping the body--pretty effective population control trap.

Everything we experience that "gets in the way" of our pursuit of happiness, is interpreted as a setback--a discouragement--that seems to move the horizon of our desires fulfilled further and further away.

The truth of the matter is that ALL of our experiences are teaching us how to find our personal road to utopian fulfillment. Of course, most of us give up at some point, settling for a faint version of the glorious vision that has been driving us forward. So, we "check out", waiting to die, maybe getting the chance to "try it again" in another life.

Instead, there is the "non-duality", quantum path. This is where we hold our vision of utopian fulfillment no matter what, and observe that all our experience is a reflection of what we have bought into that has prevented the having of it. By assuming the position of non-attachment towards these seeming barriers, we learn not only about our own points of view and attachments to negative feelings and situations, but we find that by allowing these negative experiences to float by and through us, we effectively neutralize the negativity and reveal the new, positive energies the negativity was obscuring.

Adversity then becomes advantage. Setbacks become opportunities to explore our own resistances--reclaim our power in the area, and fill the new-found space with joy, ease and vision.

This is a completely personal journey. Others' adversity has nothing to do with where we're going. Others' suffering and wailing is really none of our business--unless we discover a karmic or energetic bond. But the discovery of it begins to neutralize it, and beyond that bondage lies more energy from a vision lost.

So, to quote a vernacular truism: "It's all good, man." This is literally true, because the foundation of the very structure of the universe is love. Love is the Magic Carpet allowing us to ride the currents and waves of our own resistances to that glorious vision of fulfillment and joy that is ultimately inevitable.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Universe is Listening to Your Every Thought

...Or perhaps more accurately, the universe is responding to your every thought and feeling. For the purposes of this viewpoint, I'm going to say that feelings contain thoughts, which seems more accurate. From our general "state of mind" we derive our thoughts, which are 99 percent of the time creations of others that we pick up as a broadcast and make our own. By then augmenting those thoughts with further emotion, we fall into resonance with these thought broadcasts.

Now that this has been established, I would also add the concept that all we perceive from all of our senses is one big moving form. It is listening to your broadcast, and changing its shape and more subtle characteristics. In this sense, we cannot be alone, because "the other"--that which is responding to us--is always present.

From where I stand, awareness of one's feelings and subsequent thoughts that we assign authorship to, is the Number One most important factor in having a fulfilling experience of one's life.

The complicating factor is our separate-self awareness (call it "ego"). We have been trained to believe that we are separate from not only other people, but from the physical world "out there" that has also been drummed into us as "reality".

To make it even more interesting, we've included a "sub-consciousness" that automatically responds to "external" stimuli with behaviors and perceptions adopted during stressful or traumatic experiences. It also is where the repetitive commands are stored and activated--those statements about ourselves (99% of which are not ours) that are mostly negative.

THEN, there's the "Higher Self" or "Soul" factor. This is the over-arching, general point of awareness outside the specific timeline of our life. Often, what this Self needs and wants is at odds with our "temporal" self down here in the streets where the boots hit the ground. As our temporal self, we say, "This is not supposed to be happening to me" when something we've decided is "bad" or "unwanted" or unpleasant happens "to us". Repeated often enough, and the Higher Self just doubles down, reflecting back more and more of that thing that isn't supposed to be happening.

This repetitive mantra of "This shouldn't be happening" gets lodged in the subconscious and plays over and over there, giving the Universe all the commands it needs to deliver yet more unwanted circumstances.

As spiritual catalyst, Teal Swan, has said, "What's happening is supposed to happane. How do you know? Because it's happening." The sum total of your feelings are reflecting back to you in 3-D ultra-high definition, and as you then react to this 3D broadcast with "This shouldn't be happening"--it's resistance, adding further energy to the unwanted circumstances. It's pretty much a trap--a cosmic Catch 22--designed to show you the mechanism.

There is a "way out" of repeating unwanted conditions, and further, a way to speed up, or actualize your desires. I'll put this into three steps:

1. Get onboard with experiencing the "unwanted" or resisted circumstances, feelings, or thoughts. Allow them to move through you in the certainty that you are "running out" these negativities--processing them through time.

2. Replace all feelings and concurrent thoughts of "this is never going to change", or "Not this AGAIN", with the joy and ease you'll feel when all these negativities leave your life experience. More accurately, by accessing these feelings, you are already experiencing the resolution to the unwanted condition--so it's not actually in the future.

3. Use the repetition tool to re-program the subconscious. Make it a point to consistently feel the joy and completion, the wonder and amazement and thrill of a desire realized. Do whatever it takes to get to this space of joy and fulfillment, regardless of outward appearances. You are literally dissolving these unwanted conditions by repeating feelings of joy and ease.

The Universe is ALWAYS listening. What are you always telling it?