Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We Create Our Grace

Last issue I was exploring how the Law of Attraction has a booby trap, as it tends to reflect back to you what it is you are experiencing in the present moment. So, if you are in pain, the Law of Attraction, gives you more pain as you are a vibratory match to pain.

The key phrase here is "vibratory match". So, the way to "break the law", is to consciously change your vibratory rate to match, say, compassion, or caring, or joy, or relief.

I've had the priviledge lately of being an in-home caregiver for a sweet 93-year old man. He is mostly chair-bound, and his most strenuous activities are walking to the bathroom, doing his personal hygeine and then hobbling back to his chair. This activity is painful to him, and now and then he is in a great deal of pain--enough to cause him to cry out.

I believe that because I have been dealing with some physical pain, I ended up being a vibratory match for this in-home care gig, but there was a whole other factor at play here. Mainly, that the "job" of caregiving is an act of compassion for me, and has pulled me out of engaging so much in my own pain.

In caring for this man, I found myself experiencing moments of joy and relief. And by observing this joy and relief, I could expand those feelings, and bring a higher level of peace and joy into my life.

The key take away here is that we all have the ability to CHANGE the way we feel, regardless of the outside causes of negative feelings. Even while in high levels of pain, I've been able to find a niche of feeling relief, and then focus on that. Lo and behold, pain levels diminish, and it makes it even more possible to feel relief, joy, compassion and ease.

In this way, the negative feelings and emotions we have, directly point to the other side of those feelings--the positive ones--that we have only to use our innate ability to access and experience. We tend to want to "suffer" using such justifications as "Why me?", or "This shouldn't be happening", when, in fact, we are ignorantly ignoring the fact that we have the ability to change our feelings, regardless of exterior causes.

By allowing ourselves to be with the negative feelings, it creates the space to originate feelings on the other positive end of the spectrum. I believe this is what is meant by "grace" and it is one of the greatest gifts of the human experience.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Help a homeless man with a dream, and make money yourself.

After 18 years of successfully managing and marketing an online health products company (, I ran into a wall. All of my marketing efforts that had served me well in the past started to fail. We think it may be due to Google algorithm changes favoring big advertisers, or perhaps a sea change in online buying patterns. Whatever it is, by October of 2016, I found myself unable to pay rent, and fled to my brother's abode in Western New Mexico to continue to work on debugging what was happening with my business.

Months dragged on without a viable solution, and what was originally a two-week stay turned into five months. This was creating a hardship on my brother and his wife, as I just wasn't able to contribute my share to the household. I decided to leave, throwing my fate to the winds. I ended up back in San Diego with a couple of hundred bucks to my name, and all my possessions (except for a suitcase and backpack) sold or given away.

As good fortune would have it, I landed a couple of housesitting gigs and a short-term work for rent trade situation, which brings me to the present day (mid-Oct. 2017). My current housesitting gig is ending in two weeks without options for the next place to land.

Since I have been basically "floating" without a net, I decided I might as well spend my free time creating my dream. It's a dream I've had for decades, but as with most dreams we have, we seem to put them off, not believing them possible, relegating them to the dustbin of unattainable fantasies.

I realized that I literally had nothing to lose, and started an Indiegogo campaign to fund a Class C RV that would serve both as a home and the mobile studios for my dream--The Mystic Broadcast Network: a production company creating interviews and covering events in the higher consciousness / transformation field.

After 30 days of the 44-day Indiegogo campaign not one person has come forward to contribute to the project, my dream, my new home. In fact, no one even commented or offered any encouragement whatsoever, save a couple. Needlesss to say, I've been heavily processing this so as not to take it personally!

Last week, I discovered a remarkable passive income program called USI-Tech, that does currency trading using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)-powered algorithms that are programmed to not do trades unless there is approximately a 1% return per day on any given investment. This is possible because with A.I. trading, hundreds of thousands of transactions happen EVERY SECOND, so it's not a stretch for it find trades yielding 1% every day.

Well, do the math. After making sure I had groceries, I jumped in with my last $130 and so far, after 4 days, the algorithm is working as promised, providing the 1% on my spend.

So, I am now asking that anyone at all interested in helping a homeless man with his dream, AND WILLING TO MAKE TRULY PASSIVE INCOME, join me in USI-Tech. It's free to register, and if you decide to make a spend, I get a 10% commission, as will you, too, if anyone you refer does the same.

I've been making this offer for four days now, and have gotten some response, mostly negative about USI-Tech being a pyramid scheme (which it is not, by definition); and others claiming that there is no way they can guarantee 1%. Well, this is not your grandma's trading program!

USI-Tech is founded by two German investment programmers who used these A.I. algorithms to enrich big international banks and billionaires. They decided to migrate the process out to the general public, which is highly subversive, since it has the potential to "claw back" incomes for the middle class, who have basically been victimized by these highly secretive trading programs that pulled money away from the middle class into the upper 1% of financiers on the planet.

I see this as a sort of Robin Hood A.I. here to recover losses we've all experienced living in the middle and lower class income slave matrix.

Please do not be a naysayer... check USI-Tech out, and beware of people dissing it who haven't tried it.

Boyd Martin 971-269-7050

Monday, October 16, 2017

USI-Tech: Power to the Little Guy

I stumbled across USI-Tech when a member of a discussion group I was in said he found something interesting that could change the income disparity game on the planet.

My ears perked up, and I followed the links to a video and to the USI-Tech website. I watched several YouTube vids--some pro, some con--but the difference was that the "con" videos were by people who were questioning and trying to debunk the system USI-Tech uses, and the "pro" people were those who were actually in it, and making money. Can you say, "Looking a gift horse in the mouth?"

Anywho, I registered to be a recipient, and threw $130 into the kitty as a test to see for myself what the system would do. Lo and behold, 3 days in, and I'd already made a little over 1% per day on my spend. Do the math.

USI-Tech sells "packages" of Bitcoin that are entered into an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) matrix, where only trades that will result in around 1% return are executed. This is possible because with AI currency trading, hundreds of thousands of trades occur every SECOND. With that kind of speed and sheer numbers, it's not too hard to conceive that there would always be a way to increase the bid.

Now, and here's where it gets interesting, you can opt in to a "automatic package buy", where when your earnings equal the price of a new package (around $65), the system automatically buys it for you and enters it into the system. Say you started out with 2 packages and your earnings buy you another one. Now you have 3 accumulating 1% per day. This starts compounding, so that with this automatic re-buy, your initial investment of $130 would, over the course of 1 YEAR, earn you over $100,000. And that is doing absolutely nothing--just letting it run, as you go about your life.

Of course, few people I know could resist the fun of buying up more packages, but here is what else can happen: you are paid 10% commission on anyone who you sponsor into the program. So, if your plumbing contractor decided to dump $10,000 into Packages, you'd receive a $1,000 commission, which you could turn around and buy about 8 packages. Now you have 11 of those babies racking up 1% a day.

The thing that I find so delightfully subversive about this is that these A.I. trading programs is what the international banks and billionaires use to create money on currencies. It's the main reason there has been a tremendous sucking of the money supply from the middle class to the upper 1%.

USI-Tech is turning the system around on itself, making it available to the little guy down on the street, who can now see "earnings" and compounding equal to what the Fat Cats have been getting. It levels the playing field and hints at a solution for income inequality.

I believe that if this catches on--if people would just put aside their pre-conceived notions--it could claw back the money essentially "stolen" from the middle class by insiders who use secretive techniques and tools carefully NOT made available to the working man and woman.

In other words, the "Cat's out of the bag" at this point, as USI-Tech has made more millionaires in less than a year than any other financial program, MLM, or other investment scheme PUT TOGETHER. It's going viral, folks. And now is the time to save ourselves from further financial abuse, and regain our god-given right to ease and comfort in our lives.

Check out this video where a happy USI-Tech member shows how fast thousands of dollars can accumulate in your account with just a $65 spend.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Magic of Repetition

In my mind, the most NOT talked about thing about actualizing, manifesting or any form of creative alchemy is repetition. It's kind of magic's dirty little secret.

We forget sometimes that in the creation of our lives, what is repeated the most is most visible. We are all mighty creators, but by constant repetition of our limitations, constant repetition of our frailties, and constant repetition of limiting beliefs, we act and feel far from the mighty creators we started out as.

The subconscious is accessed and programmed by repetition. If we aren't consciously programming our subconscious, then the rest of our experience will program it for us, and because conditions in our life came about through repetition of viewpoints, conclusions, choices and judgements, we are going to be experiencing pretty much the same thing from day to day.

The subconscious can be visualized as a vast array of off/on switches, and these off/on switches are in circuit with the DNA in our genes. The important thing to know is that these switches require the repetition of an exact "command" in order to be switched on or off. A command is formed by our CHOICE. If we CHOOSE to accept or create a certain point of view, or feeling, for example, "I'm just not good enough to get what I desire", this conclusion becomes active.

When this happens, the mind begins to look for corroborating evidence of its truth. When the evidence is found (as it invariably is), this acts as an amplifier for that initial choice of "I'm just not good enough to get what I desire". Now, repeat this enough times, and the subconscious adds this switch to its vast array, and soon the experience of "not being good enough" goes on automatic, adding yet another layer to the subconscious programming.

The conscious mind now begins to observe all sorts of ways this "I'm not good enough" command is true in life, and without any countering commands, it just keeps getting re-enforced and soon, our life experience is in a miserable, downward spiral.

That's why when we CHOOSE to change our life into something exciting and worth living, all the reasons why that can't happen immediately show up. This is the "switch" that we had previously carefully and skillfully installed! Now it becomes a matter of repeating the choice--over and over--until the subconscious program is overwritten--that switch is turned off, and a new switch is turned on: "My life is exciting and worth living."

The complicating factor is ego. Our sense of self has a dark side that basically campaigns for the subconscious. Whatever the dominant program is that is running in the subconscious, the ego owns it, makes it personal, and defends it. That's why after we've made the CHOiCE to change, experiences will come up that seem to invalidate that choice, and we take it personally. That's the dark ego talking. The trick is to get the ego on your side. Get it to be a cheerleader for your positive choices.

We can do that by simply noticing that the sheer act of making the choice to change caused life experiences of the opposite. If we frame those negative experiences as progress, and are, as a result, encouraged, the ego will soon jump on board and start telling you how great it's all going!

I've been studying with a powerful shaman lately, and she keeps repeating, "Why would you continue to choose to feel BAD about your circumstances after you have already CHOSEN the circumstances you desire?" Good point. And it has everything to do with training the conscious mind to train the subconscious mind toward what we truly desire.

So it all boils down to CHOICE and REPETITION, folks. Pretty damn simple, actually. Although some would argue simple is not easy, and this is first. The hard part is feeling those old feelings that jump up to try to re-enforce the program you are choosing to change, and the ego is taking it personally (before it switches over to your side). At a certain point, after much repetition, these feelings and experiences fade away, and are replaced by the joy and ease you are choosing. It's a process. Enjoy it, and the magic that is sure to follow!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Revealing Oz

As a person who is committed to self-transformation, I continually "choose the red pill" when it comes to pulling the curtain aside on my own unconscious, to reveal the false power of the "Oz" that pushes the buttons and pulls the strings and levers of the monkey mind of reactions and negative feelings.

Recently, I uncovered yet another subconscious "entity" in the form of a "demand for retribution". This is a strong one because there are ao many justifications for this in the world--so many victimizers and so many victims, who in many cases seem completely innocent, unfairly attacked or debilitated, sometimes outrageously so, and in some cases killed.

For me, this has the effect of exacerbating or "keying in" this Demand for Retribution. It feels like a Quentin Tarantino revenge movie with as much blood and gore as possible. What is that saying? "Revenge is best served cold"?

The tragic problem with this fantasy, in my own case, is that the "wrongness" I feel that was perpetrated upon me, requires that the injury it caused continues to victimize me. So, the injury becomes this huge justification for achieving retribution against the oppressors and perpetrator in a future that never comes.

This is a classic case of "continual present time re-stimulation". Every time I feel the pain of that injury, it adds charge and power to the retribution program. Every time there's an injustice out in the world that I personally witness, or hear about on the "news" (victimization events are guaranteed to make the news), the need for revenge and accountability grows ever stronger, and pains and discomforts of my life further solidify as a constant reminder of that deep need for revenge against my victimizers, or at the very least some "street justice".

The great thing about "The Oz" is that its power is granted by the curtain behind which it hides as it creates and broadcasts its fearful images. Pull aside the curtain, and there is no more power. This becomes a metaphor for all injustice in the world: reveal the "operators" and "owners" behind their curtains of power, and that power is effectively stripped from them. Then we all can see they are just like us, living in their own worlds of fearful disempowerment and victimization.

To mop up residual charge from this revelation, every time I see or hear of some perpetrator victimizing someone or something, when those retribution feelings surface, I say, "Interesting point of view I have that point of view." This process neutralizes the negativity around the issue. Then, "Who does this belong to?" and "return to sender" because all negative thoughts are not mine--they had been adopted by me as if they were my own.

As always, the non-duality of compassion is the key here; compassion for both sides of a perpetrator-victim complex. Compassion removes the polarity of the drama, and reduces it to an observation of choices: Each "side" made their choices and it resulted in this drama. Both are deserving of love--even if they don't love each other or themselves.

The quantum matrix program we live in is driven by choice. Choose a different outcome, and the matrix program adjusts to accommodate that choice. Choose to retain a negativity or grudge or point of view, and the matrix program adjusts to accommodate that.

The quantum sea of energy has no agenda on its own, but it can be programmed to appear that it does. All of us who have had the perception of the "world being against us" will attest to that. The truth is we created that program of the world being against us. We can just as easily create a world that is in favor of us.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Discomfort Zone

I was watching a dear friend and teacher recently speak on a Facebook Live broadcast about how change is not comfortable, and about how we are using that as an excuse not to change.

Well... my dear friend, I have to disagree on a couple of finer points:

1. The reason most people need and desire change is because their comfort zones are no longer comfortable.

2. When the change one is seeking begins to happen, we feel excitement--not discomfort.

She also spoke about how the process of changing steers one through all the barriers, reasons, sensations and blockages that are holding the particular condition or situation we wanted to change in place. It's true that all of this unraveling can temporarily feel like things are "falling apart", or "caving in", however, if the intention was to change, this unraveling is the evidence validating the intention to change, so why not celebrate it?

Yes, we can definitely lose track of all the changes we have desired, so that all this "falling apart" seems dangerous or distressing--and if we go into being the victim, we risk the nullification of our intention to change.

In fact, most desire to change revolves around finding a comfort zone, where life comes to us with ease and joy, and we are free to express ourselves creatively, experience the world as a loving place, and where future changes are joyful and generative.

I would hazard a guess that the meme, "Change is uncomfortable" is really just an arbitrary point of view that ignores the mechanics of how things work in this magical 3-D world we've constructed. The bottom line is that the higher more generative life we seek change for, is, in fact, the truer reflection of who we really are. And to make that change, we have simply to focus our intent on that version of ourselve already existing as a parallel reality.

I would also profer the view that what drives most change is discomfort or pain of some level, and that it is impossible to change from an alleged "comfort zone". If we are truly in this theoretical comfort zone, why would we want to change from that?

On the other hand, why experience discomfort at all in a "comfort zone"? How about just choosing something different--perhaps with more magic, excitement and incredibleness?

If instead, we are suffering or prolonging discomfort, how about changing the current situation or condition by tuning in to the higher version of yourself, and sending out the intention to become that? More joy, more ease, more fulfullment, more amazing-ness. Then, be willing to experience whatever the universe presents to us as experience in the unfoldment of that version of yourself wherever it may lead.

I would also venture to make the observation that behind all discomfort and pain is the desire for that higher version of your life, and that any pain or discomfort we are experiencing is us in the process of actualizing that higher life. It's the perception that life is victimizing us that prolongs the discomfort, pain and suffering, and potentially completely blocks any change.

So switch it up. Be the creator. Spot where the victim is, and simply say "bye bye". Then go to where the ease and joy is that will demonstrate to the Universe--your co-creative partner--that you are onboard with realizing the greatest life you can experience, and that you are willing to go beyond that. Continually broadcast that vibration of ease, love and joy, and tune in to that same broadcast emanating from the Ultimate You right next door. Enjoy the ride, and enjoy arriving at your new comfort zone!

Friday, August 18, 2017

A World Made of Language

One of my favorite authors and--although he wouldn't admit it, shamans--is Terence McKenna. Mainly famous for his ascendency as the progenitor to Timothy Leary, McKenna made it his mission to enlighten his audiences about the very deepest fact no one talks about: our world is made of language.

And when he refers to "our world", he means the modern technological Western-style world, with its materialism, and embedded scientism, usually denying the reality of personal experience in favor of "objective observations" of agreed upon, consensual reality.

New flash: These are not the characteristics of non-Western, non-technological societies, such as isolated tribal cultures of South America, Indonesia, Africa and the Australian Outback. To these cultures, language does not define their worlds--and in some cases is avoided in favor of telepathy or dreaming.

I was deeply impressed with the recent movie, "Arrival", which attempted to address this subject. As McKenna has said, if there are assumed to be intelligent extraterrestial life forms, most likely they are so alien, we wouldn't possibly be able to comprehend their purposes or their agendas, let alone their modes of communicating or conveyence. The movie pivots around this point, and ultimately shows how our reality is shaped by language. In the movie, the visitors defined human language as "a weapon", possibly due to it being so limited that it was harmful to comprehend it. Conversely, the contact human, a linguistics expert interacting with the aliens, was completely transformed by attempting to comprehend what the aliens were actually using as their mode of communication.

As standard operating behavior and habit, we interpret our experiences as words. The feelings, deeper perceptions we have about the world are translated into words. We say it's because we want to understand these things and be able to report to others about them. But this is really more of an excuse not to simply BE without words, and use our capacity to know outside of understanding. If we are filtering everything with the language we use to interpret it, how much of it is not covered by words, and so is lost?

One of the exercises I was taught by my guru many years ago was the practice of non-duality. In this practice, we try to see the world and our experience of it as a whole system containing both ends of a spectrum or duality. Say we witness what appears to be a cruelty in the world. The non-dual approach would be to simultaneously notice the kindness resulting from the cruelty. We try to see hate as a cry for love; a judgment as a desire for something greater. After practicing this for awhile, you come to a place where language seems limiting--indeed a "weapon" of limitation, secrecy and control.

Even in the "new age" spirituality movement there can be a "weaponizing" of spiritual concepts by using them to belittle, invalidate or limit another. Your 4th Chakra is closed down, so you are a hateful person, for example. The non-dual version would be the observation that the person's 4th chakra is in the process of opening as indeed is the entire being.

Because our world is made of language, we can use it to define our lives in a more constructive and generative way, by simply repeating the words to construct the life of our dreams. In light of the dualistic nature of language, the task becomes one of disciplined mindfulness: observing the negative thoughts as openings to a reality without that negativity--using the negativity itself to build a positive, life-affirming, generative life full of purpose, joy and ease.

Tune in to the oneness. It is emanating from every point in the Universe.