Monday, October 20, 2014

Being Home

duality Every once in a while, many of us experience a "lifting of the veil," where for a moment we experience the world as One. We feel ourselves as the world, and for an instant get a glimpse of the Grand Creation and our indispensible part in it.

These moments have been coming on more frequently as I move along the timeline of my life, tantalizing me to investigate just what it is that causes me to suddenly and unexpectedly end up fully in the Now. I know certain practices that encourage this, and perhaps because I am doing them more, then that explains it. But, to put words to it, I'd say it's about duality vs. oneness.

We live in a dualistic world, a world of polarities: dark-light, good-bad, good-evil, virtuousness-sinfulness, fear-love, etc., etc., etc. Yet, in those those "oneness" episodes there is no "other" out there that is opposite or even different than me, and because this state feels so much like home, it really points up how illusionary this duality certainly must be.

We are all exploring the edges of this Creation we are participating in. Some of us are "dark workers"--who inflict pain and suffering on others, or experience extreme emotional states, or some physical malady or malformation. These dark workers are showing us where we do not have to go--they are already there. They are pioneers at the edges of reality, showing us how vast the possibilities and potentials of this world can be.

The "light workers" on the other hand, explore and demonstrate the realms of contentment, ecstasy and love, and yet, these states cannot be truly known or appreciated without their opposites.

It all gets down to the Grand Experiment of Separation. By separating ourselves from the Creator God Self in order to see who we are, we created a dualistic world: a world where we are, and are not. And the extreme sense of disconnection had us losing our way, as we felt along the edges of this new dualistic world in an attempt to get back Home.

And that's what my occasional bouts of oneness feel like: coming home. All my experience sensually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually is showing me the Way back Home. If it weren't for the darkness, I could not see the light, and in darkness the light shows us the way. It is only judgment that cements us into the polarities of this dualistic world. We judge something to be not a part of us, and that solidifies our disconnectedness, adding yet another barrier to our journey Home. We fear the dark, and death the most because we mistakenly judge those things to be disconnections. But it is not the darkness or death that is the disconnection, it is our act of judgment that disconnects us.

Acceptance of this world and an embracing of both sides of the duality is the only way Home. Let me meet you There.

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