Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Transcendental Object at the Center of Creation

breaking free Looking back on 60-odd years, I notice I've made it my business to follow some of the latest discoveries and trends in consciousness. It's more of a spiritual practice, actually, and allows a "quantum of solace" outside the normal noisy racket of my life. And every once in a while, I get a flash of insight about what this universe actually is, my place in it, and what life really means. Not to say I personally had any original thoughts in this field--just that every once in a while, I'm able to poke my head behind the curtain and see what's going on--or at least take a stab at describing what's going on.

My first real glimpse into cosmic discovery came about in a cliché way back in 1971 during a psychedelic experience. The gateway was "Orange Sunshine", and the experience was: "I saw what god was". I couldn't talk about the experience for years, but I've thought about it for over 40 years, and boiled it down to levels of consciousness, and among those, God Consciousness. This is something we all have access to (without taking psychedelics), it's just that our mundane aculturation, social training and--dare I say--American-style dismay with spiritual pursuits, puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to experiencing altered states of consciousness.

The thing about this first touch of god was, it terrified me. I mean it really scared the bejesus (pardon the pun) out of me. To the point where I was sort of stunned spiritually, where I couldn't even read a spiritual book or talk metaphysics for a few years after that.

But, as life paths go, I was returned to consciousness research from none other than my paternal granddad, a Baptist Minister by training, and a proud Irishman by birth. He gave me Teilhard de Chardin's The Phenomenon of Man, a pretty heavy read for a 20-year old--for anyone, any age, actually--and it pulled me out of my terror of my god encounter into an intellectual pursuit of proofs of god. This is a revered practice among Christian mystics, and I realized that under my granddad's jolly jokester Irishman act lay a true philosopher of magnitude. At any rate, I plowed through this dense tome a couple of times, and came away with a more rational view of what had happened to me that fateful night at the hippy dance.

De Chardin puts forth a series of thought experiments that bring you to unavoidable conclusions about the existence of god. He summarized that we are all "gods" in our own right (near blasphemy for his day), and that by merging into this universal consciousness, we all can have this divine experience.

Fast forward a few decades, and I was at a local ski resort on a two-night weekend gig with a band, and Sunday afternoon I was minding my own business eating a sandwich at the club where we were performing, and suddenly found myself looking at something in my mind that took me aback. It was a single sphere sitting there in my mind, much like the monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey". I was like the apes jumping around trying to figure out why it was even there. And then came a thought: The entire universe emanates from this particle. Hummmm... OK. It just seemed to make sense, without any explanation--a self-evident display.

Fast forward another few years to Terence McKenna's "Time Wave Zero" theory, and we hear that there's a sort of transcendental object at the end of time, and that everything happening back from this "object" is a reflection and expression of that object. Time flows into this Transcendence like a vortex of water flowing down a drain, and it is entirely made of thought. This theory was enhanced by Kurzweil's Singularity--where all consciousness is moving toward a single point of universal thought.

THEN, a couple of scientists recently took the leap and mathematically proved that there is, indeed, one object from which the entire hologram of the universe emanates, and that it is a double tetrahedron (such as representations of the Star of David and the Sri Yantra). This accounts for all geometries, from spiraling galaxies to the double helix of DNA.

Grimms THEN, last night... I was watching the final episode of "Grimm", where our hero, Nick Burhardt, battles the ultimate evil only to watch in horror as all of those he loved are murdered by it. And just when poor Nick is about to give up and hand over the key to universal destruction to the evil guy, he is visited by his deceased mother and aunt--both powerful Grimm shamans--and together they defeat the evil, sending our hero back in time to when everyone he loves is back together again. His mother said, "The power of blood--the blood of you and all your ancestors--are more powerful than any evil."

The take away for me was that we all have within our own Being access to all the power, knowledge and love in the Universe, and it is ONLY a matter of Being Who We Truly Are. We are all not only Children of God, but also the Father of those children, having our Being in cosmic love and trust that everything there is, is who we are: The Transcendental Object at the center of Creation.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Only Necessary Thing

breaking free Back when I was a much younger man, my shaman guide at the time told me, "About ninety-percent of what you're doing is unnecessary." And like most of what he said back then, it went sailing straight over my furry little head. I remember chuckling ironically at the statement, but it stuck with me, although it wasn't until recently I actually understood what he meant.

Necessity is really an anathema to quantum living. Why? Because necessity, by definition, requires there be just one solution. This or that necessity is required in order to function. Or, we can't solve such and such a problem without this particular necessity. The thing is, once something becomes "necessary", it reduces infinite possibilities down to zero--not a way we want to go with limitless quantum living.

This is not to say that there aren't such things as "logical steps" or "system requirements". In the quantum sense, such things are really more like chosen possibilities, rather than "necessities". You decide to go down a certain path of action, and, yes, there are predictable things that happen, and they may even seem like they are required. But from a quantum perspective, when things start becoming necessary is when we need to step back.

Socio-politically, "necessities" are really code for getting others to give up personal power. We hear about these necessities from people in power attempting to use "necessity" as an excuse not to explain or be open to creative input from other people. "We must do this because it's necessary." No it isn't. There is always another way besides what is necessary.

If we cancel this Code of Necessity, we reclaim what it is to create a greater, grander life. Living by the Necessary Code will put you in slave mode, and can be an extremely compelling way to limit yourself and those around you. Instead, how about checking the melodrama of necessity at the spiritual quantum door, and re-evaluate situations from the view of possibility?

Possibilities trump necessities in this game of quantum living, and by throwing off the shackles of what is necessary, a new and expanded version of things comes into view. Things that are necessary obscure a more efficient, better way of doing something. And we're back to what my teacher was talking about with the ninety percent.

And yet, beyond all the analyzing, planning and doing, there is one ultimate necessity, and I think this is what my teacher would have said next--had I really gotten what he had said at the time. THE ONLY THING NECESSARY IS TO BE. We cannot not be. It is a necessity of creating life. It is the cause behind everything. By focussing on what it is to BE, we create a giant shortcut to the realization of our dreams and desires.

This gets down to a basic tenant of quantum living: The universe you are experiencing is the reflection of who you are being. Want to change your life? Be something else. In this equation there are no requirements, no necessities, other than BEING. Sure, there are always things to do, but those things are reflections of who you are, and they don't have to be the "necessary requirements", limitations, shoulds and shouldn'ts of a slave's life. Those are all ego constructs that complicate and tangle up the infinite simplicity and infinite possibilities of you just being you.

If you can take a moment, and take a look at what percentage of your life is a necessity of doing compared with simply being, you may find some new ways of approaching life's situations.

Just be. Breathe. Step back. Ask for infinite possibilities, and then watch the complications, worries and necessities fall away to a panorama of ease and joy.

Just be. It's the only necessary thing.