Sunday, January 28, 2018

We Are All Masters

I was moved to put in my two cents on somebody's Facebook post. She said, "Should I end a relationship because I have spiritual aspirations and my partner doesn't?" I've seen this sort of post several times lately, and it brought to mind something my shaman teacher was trying to pound into my furry head years ago: "If you are incarnated here on this planet, then you are already a master."

I tossed that back and forth in my feeble brain for years until one day I realized that I was being taught by a seven-year old, and shortly after, someone I had classified as a "jock" and completely non-spiritual.

The crux of this matter is that however a person shows up to us, they are a reflection of our own judgements and conclusions--our own separation anxieties, fixed ideas and values. We tend to overlook the fact that they are having a similar experience down here on the streets as I am, and even if they haven't been paying attention to the same things I have, doesn't mean they don't have something to teach me.

Cosmic Towncrier, Bashar, talks about people being "ashamed" or feeling downtrodden because they incarnated into this life, as though it was some sort of sentence or reason to be discouraged. He says, "This is FAAAAR, FAAAR, FAAAR from the truth. The truth is, everyone here on this planet is very advanced spiritually. Otherwise, they wouldn't have attempted this challenge."

Science is now coming to some understandings about how the brain and mind work together, and the complexity and multi-dimensionality of it boggles the mind. Research has revealed brain geometries that can only be mathematically expressed in 10 or more dimensions. And, that the mind interfaces with the brain from another non-3D dimension.

All this multi-dimensional positioning can certainly create an existential crisis, even in the most stable of us. Overlay cultural programming, social mores, and family values and it's a wonder that we all aren't wide-eyed, babbling, slobering, idiots (although I do feel like that sometimes)...

Back to the original concern about a partner "being spiritual" or not--it's really the wrong question. It is more accurate to ask, "Is this person generative? Do we contribute and expand each other? Now, what that looks like may or may not be "spiritual" in the mundune sense. Yet keep in mind that appearances are moot when it comes to spiritual development, and that development can be stimulated by anything--a handicapped person, a prom queen, a dog, a bird, a flower, a rock, a sunset. It's what we mirror to ourselves that creates the experience of spiritual expansion.

The key is to be mindful of what we are mirroring and projecting. Let it show us unconscious patterns and un-developed perceptions. In this way, our time on Planet Rock here can reap some true rewards, only attainable by us earthly masters.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Getting Onboard with Difficulties

If you've lived any time at all as a modern adult, and if you take a moment to reflect on the successes and difficulties you've encountered, I'm pretty sure you'd have to admit that there are some pretty active self-defeating habits we have developed. It's really not our fault. We have been taught by example for generations. But there is one "bad habit" that, to me, stands out from all the rest: Not seeing difficulties and setbacks as opportunities.

There are very good reasons why difficulties are, well, so difficult. First, they hurt. The pain is either emotional, or sometimes literally physical. Second, they usually seem to be coming at us from outside our experience or expectations--they seem to happen "to us"--out of our control.

Third, and perhaps the most appalling, is that some of these difficulties are "on repeat", as though some subsonscious program is calling the shots completely outside of our awareness or control. And this is true, for the most part, but it's not the whole story.

When a pattern of problems or difficulties happen "to us" repeatedly, the first thing we do is start taking it personally--as a sort of personal attack on us by life. We know this isn't really true, but it sure seems like it is!

Teal Swan addresses this quite eloquently in her video, "F*ck The Law of Attraction." (see YouTube) In it, she points out that when unwanted things happen to us, it makes us a magnetic match to more unpleasantness. The apparent purpose of this setup is for us to recognize the unwanted pattern and then to change it. The problem is that there are two points of magnetic attraction: one is your temporal or physical self, and the other is your higher or non-physical, spiritual self--both of which are subject to this "Law of Attraction".

For example, you are dealing with recurring financial problems. In this LOA universe, the higher self sees learninig about poverty as a way to discover the way to financial freedom and abundance. Meanwhile, the temporal self is vibrating in poverty, pulling even more poverty in, making it harder and harder to see the light at the end of the financial tunnel.

The way through this seeming "Catch-22" of experiencing poverty and having the universe reflect it back to you with even more poverty, is to start "getting onboard" with the poverty experience. This does NOT mean to try to experience more poverty--your higher self is already doing that! The idea here is to reframe your poverty experience down here on the ground as an opportunity to express gratitude for the progress you are making toward financial resolution and freedom. With each experience of poverty, the universe is waiting for you to match that frequency by resisting it. When you do not match the frequency by expressing gratitude for it, there's no point to continuing the poverty exercise. There is no engagement or entanglement with the poverty frequency, so it is neutralized.

Now, by allowing these poverty experiences, and by not reacting with negativity to them, the universe comes to understand that you no longer need or require these experiences. You are free to be financially free.

By acknowledging this particular mechanical property of life, when unwanted circumstances occur, there is very good reason for expressing gratitude. These events are leading to the highest, most generative life you truly desire. By expressing gratitude in this way, Life starts reflecting that gratitude back to you with your higher desires.

Beyond gratitude, you can also call on the spiritual light we all have access to. Call it in to engulf whatever repeating unwanted circumstance you are experiencing. This adds to the neutralizing effect, and makes it easier to experience gratitude. Mindfulness is a pre-requisite for this type of practice, so observe your thoughts and feelings when these unwanted experiences are occurring, so you can then remember to feel gratitude and send in the light as your sword.

By getting "onboard" with your difficulties is the most direct way to resolve them.