Tuesday, March 29, 2016

As An Infinite Being, You Chose What?

infinite being One of the most basic realities about being a spiritual being is that we are infinite. We have all the power, all the awareness, all the knowledge we need to create anything we desire. In fact--a hard fact--is that we have created, in great detail, everything we are experiencing in our lives.

If you compare what your life would be like if you were to fully embrace your infiniteness with what you currently are experiencing, there is probably a "YUUGE" difference. Why is this?

For various reasons over the last few billion years, we have diminished our own power, and our own awareness, to the point where we are mere fractions of what we could be in this world. Why did we do that? Lots of reasons: We did it for someone else; we judged ourselves to be incorrect or wrong; we did it to fit in with a lesser or rule-abundant crowd; we decided being powerful and aware was unacceptable; etcetera, etcetera...

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, has a good question that can help set you on the path to reclaiming your personal power and awareness: "Would an infinite being create that?"

"My money is always short at the end of the month" -- And an infinite being would create that for what reason?

infinite being "When I argue with my wife, I'm always wrong." -- And an infinite being would create that for what reason?

"I never have enough money to do what I want." -- well, you guessed it.

My old buddy, Bashar, has three questions that should blow your mind and help with this:

  1. I am feeling (experiencing, having) (fill in the blank)>
  2. I CHOSE this for myself.
  3. I CHOSE this for myself because it serves me.

Now this cuts right into the meat of how we, as infinite beings, have come to be functioning as we are in this physical world: CHOICE. We choose everything that happens to us, and it's not as simple as making a black or white, 1-2 choice. Sometimes we make big decisions (choices) about "the way things are" in order to hold those conditions in place to minimize our powers or make ourselves "right". We may choose pain and suffering to prove to ourselves we deserve it for all the times we decided we misused our power.

There are a multitude of reasons we make the choices we do, and the key is to become AWARE of what choices we've made. because when we usually make a choice, we promptly forget about it--especially negative ones. We call it "human nature." I call it "de-evolution".

restoring power By using Bashar's three sentences, we can unravel how it is we ended up here, and it allows us (or forces us) to ask the right question. "How or why is this serving me, and why the hell do I think it's a good thing?"

What we're going for here is AWARENESS. Awareness trumps past choices--it interrupts the energy flow created by the choice, and requires that a new choice be made. In this way, we can (if we so choose) clear out the present and the future of negative choices, replacing them with life-affirming, loving, adventurous ones.

"Choice awareness" is the primary driver of happiness and success. If you're always choosing the energies of your highest expression, infinite possibilities unfold, and power is restored.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Predicting and Choosing

routine I love those moments when "out of the blue" you get an insight on how you've been living your life--and they seem to come when I'm doing something mundane, like walking the dog, driving the car, or grocery shopping (must be some neurological circumstance of some sort)... Anyway, today a big existential question came crashing in: "Do I really know what's going to happen, or am I choosing it?"

Now, what I mean by "knowing what's going to happen", is a range of things--from daily routines where you pretty much know what's going to happen when you take a shower, or do the dishes--to knowing where the money is going to be coming from to pay the rent. In fact, all those circumstances that you just know are going to happen, and do, make up the matrix of our lives; and we don't often stop to see all the choices we make moment by moment to keep that matrix rolling along.

The quantum truth of the matter is that ANYTHING could happen AT ANY MOMENT, since quantum states exist in and out of time, which makes all possibilities possible at any time. I might think I know what's going to happen when I get in the shower, but then the water suddenly shuts off because the City workers turned off the water to the apartment while they repaired the broken main. Or, I think I know what's going to happen when I do the dishes, but then the garbage disposal jams...and I get all bent out of shape about it.

The point I'm attempting to make is that by habitually pre-determining our choices by making predictions about our own activities, shuts off the infinite other amazing possibilities that could happen. I think we construct a nice, predictable set of circumstances for ourselves that (we think) guarantees security for our reality (our money situation, our living quarters, or transportation, our relationships). But what if by doing this we unwittingly cut ourselves off from a huge potential of fantastically wonderful things that could happen to us?

actualization Perhaps a more "quantum" way to live would be to--instead of predicting what's going to happen--we just float in the question: "What amazing things await me at any moment?"

There have been manifestation experiments where it was shown that asking questions about something greater happening, is far superior to visualization techniques. In other words, jump out of the box of yourself and trust that the Universe has your back, and is going to give you what you desire. Your job is not to limit it to a specific set of familiar circumstances.

We have all been burned badly by the unpredictable, so the idea of asking open-ended questions about our desires feels like giving up our personal power, and control, and that is scary.

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness tells us to "live in 10 second increments"--where any choice can be changed within 10 seconds. Now that's freedom. You desire something? Get the energy of that thing--just the energy of what it feels like, not what it looks like--and keep choosing that, and follow the energy to the actualization of that desire.

68 seconds Abraham Hicks has a famous saying: "Hold a thought for just 17 seconds, and the Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and things move; manifestation has begun."

So, rather than "predicting" everything that's happening to you (thus guaranteeing the same old-same old), start choosing your desires by asking questions like, "What would it take for ______ to show up?" "What energy, space and consciousness do I need to be for __________ to happen?"

After a little practice, things really will start moving directly toward your desires, and if you stay out of the habit of needing to have a predictable life, who knows what fantastic things could happen?